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Atlantic Bonito
Whole Round - IQF

Atlantic bonito - Sarda sarda - Bonite

Commercial Size

2 kg & up

Rate of fat

Variable according to the seasons


Corrugated Cardboard

1 x 21 kg net / box

Fishing area

Morocco - FAO 34

Minimum Order Quantity

1 x FLC 40 FT - 25 T


Latin                          English                      French                      Spanish




Sarda sarda

Atlantic bonito

Bonite de l'Atlantique

Bonito Atantico

Palamita Atlantica

Bonito do Altântico                             

Sarda sarda or Atlantic bonito lives on the French coasts, the North-East Atlantic, the English Channel, the French North Sea, the Caribbean and in the North-West Atlantic.
In the eastern Atlantic, Atlantic bonito is reported from Norway to South Africa. It is also present in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Atlantic bonito from Morocco
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